We will show you how to create a database on Sql Server.
We first open our Microsoft Sql Server program. And the screen comes as in the picture. Here we click on Connet .

2. As the picture below , we have the field that says Databases Here we right click on the place that says Databases and click on the place that says New Databese .

When we click on the place that says New Databese , we will see the screen as below.
We will write the name of the database we want to create against the place that says database name. And we will say ok.

I wrote the test and created my database.
Now let's show you how to open the database I created.
On the left side of the place that says databases, you can click the + icon or double click on the databases text.
The database name you created here appears, you double click on it.
After double-clicking there is Tables field, you right-click on it and call it new table. And we have a field like the picture.

Here we give names such as id, name, surname where Column Name is written. Of course, this is up to you.
We write the data type where Data Type is written. And we press CTRL S to record.
Press CTRL S key and you will see the following menu.

Here we enter a name according to the table we created in the place that says Table_1. This is up to your preference and we say ok and our database is created.

In another lesson we will see sql queries. Good work.

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